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Local Area

Folklore Tales

Heading up Glen Lednock you’ll find that Deil’ (the devil) and his cauldron hiding in the woods. One of nature’s great creations. It’s a fast-flowing waterfall that shoots water out of a gorge into a deep pool below.  Local legend says that a water-elf called Uris Chidh stays here and attempts to lure victims into the treacherous waters.

The Deil’s Cauldron, where the River Lednock cascades out dramatically into the falls. The Gaelic for the falls is Slocha’n Donish, and the legend goes that they were inhabited by a mischievous water elf called Uris-chidh who would entice victims down into its lair. There are stairs down to a wooden platform from which you can admire the view and take photos.

The Deil’s Cauldron is a narrow river gorge in the Ben Ledi Grit Formation, a metamorphosed sandstone of the latest Precambrian-earliest Cambrian age, located in central Scotland. The fast river flows to a group of deep, dark pools.

Living in the pools is a water elf called Uris-chidh. The elf gets lonely, so he sets out to find a companion by playing a compelling tune on his pipe, luring people into the pools to their death. So if you’re around the pools and hear Uris-chidh’s tune, remain vigilant and remember the only ones who live to tell the tale are the ones who ignore his music.

The Deil’s Cauldron & Melville Monument


Scotland’s Earthquake Village – or Shaky Toun…

Shaky Toun

Comrie, also known as the Shaky Toun, lies close to the Highland Boundary Fault and has suffered more earthquakes than anywhere else in Scotland.

Despite the country not being generally associated with earthquakes or tremors, Scotland actually housed the world’s first seismometer, which was built and installed in Comrie – one of the most geologically active areas in the United Kingdom.

Photo credit – amusing planet

Things to do…

Witness the Spectacle

Take in the awe-inspiring sight of the Devil’s Cauldron itself. Whether it’s a roaring waterfall or a swirling whirlpool, witnessing the raw power of nature can be a humbling experience.

Nature Walks

Enjoy scenic hikes and walks around the area, immersing yourself in the beautiful landscape surrounding the Devil’s Cauldron. Many trails might lead to viewpoints or offer opportunities for wildlife spotting.


Capture the beauty and drama of the Devil’s Cauldron through photography. The natural light and surroundings provide fantastic opportunities for stunning shots.


The area surrounding the Devil’s Cauldron might be a habitat for various bird species. Bring your binoculars and try to spot some local avian residents.

Learn the Legends

Embrace the local folklore and learn about the legends surrounding the Devil’s Cauldron. Engaging with the stories can add a sense of mystery and wonder to your visit.

Relax and Meditate

The serene environment near the Devil’s Cauldron offers an excellent opportunity to unwind, meditate, or simply take a moment for self-reflection.

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Local Walks Info

Take the excellent circular walk from the attractive village of Comrie visits the Cauldron as well as having an optional ascent to the Melville Monument, an obelisk on Dun More hill that is a fine viewpoint.

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