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Children's Menu


To begin...

Soup and bread


Pate and toast


Melon and fruit


For main course...

French baguette pizza

Classic tomato and mozzarella, or add ham or chicken for an extra £1


Chicken fillets in bread crumbs


Fish in crispy batter


Meatballs in fresh tomato sauce

The above dishes are offered with a choice of chips, new potatoes, penne pasta or rice and a choice of salad, fresh mixed vegetables or peas.


Penne pasta in creamy cheese sauce

Add some prawns or chicken pieces for an extra £1


To finish...

A choice of ice creams


Pancake with golden syrup or lemon and sugar

With vanilla ice cream


A scoop of chocolate mousse


Meringue with berry compote and cream


We would be delighted to prepare smaller portions of dishes from our main menu where possible, at reduced prices.

Due to the constant changes made to our menu, it is not practical to list all allergens for each and every dish.
Please ask a member of staff for specific allergen details of a particular dish. Or just
let us know your intolerances
and we will tailor the chosen dish to your requirements where