Children's Menu
For diners aged 10 years and under

Soup and Bread

Pate and Toast

King Prawns in Breadcrumbs with Tartar Sauce

Melon and Fruit

Main Courses

Rib-Eye Steak.....5.90

Chicken Fillets in Breadcrumbs.....4.50

Hake in Crispy Batter.....4.20

The above dishes are offered with a choice of chips or potatoes or rice and
a choice of salad or fresh mixed vegetable or peas

Penne Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce.....3.20
add some prawns or chicken pieces for an extra 1.30


A choice of Ice Creams

Pancake with Golden Syrup or Sugar and Lemon

A Scoop of Chocolate Mousse

Meringue with Berry Compote and Cream